recently i’ve gotten a few emails and comments from you fabulous readers saying that you wish you were as happy as me, or that i’m so lucky to be this happy. first of all a huge thank you! i adore reading every one of your comments and emails. but, i wanted to make sure you all knew that while yes i am a happy lady, i am happy because i decide to be.

i started my final year at san diego state university this week. and i was slapped in the face with realizing how much i missed san diego and how much i adore sdsu.

but as gorgeous as the campus is in the photographs above, a huge portion is currently a dirt pile. sdsu is redoing the entire student services center and the project is expected to take at least two years. i am a little irked that my fees are rising for this project, a project i won’t even get to enjoy. i am also annoyed that half of the campus looks like it has exploded.

regardless, i decide to spend my afternoon snapping a few pictures of my gorgeous college campus. and i realized that happiness is just like taking photographs. i wanted to capture the parts of sdsu that i adore. i chose not to take photos of the dirt and rubble that is under construction.

in the same way, it’s not that i don’t ever have a negative thought go through my mind. in fact, at times i have lot. but deciding to be happy means you decide to focus on the positive aspects of your life. i get upset about boys, about family drama, and about all the other millions of stresses that pop up in life. but what i try to do, and what this blog helps me do, is focus on how lucky i am in so many ways. the little annoyances and stresses in life can be as big or as small as we decide they are.

so what do i do to stay happy? i make a conscience effort every morning to have a good day. and i make a conscience effort every time i’m feeling blue to be grateful for the millions of blessings in my life.

fewf. that was a pretty serious post for me. ha! but i’d love to hear from you all, what do you do to keep yourself happy? how do you get over your blues?

if you’re lucky enough to realize it takes work to be happy, you’re lucky enough



10 thoughts on “REAL LIFE

  1. thank you lizzie! sometimes it’s frustrating thinking people are just naturally happy than others.

    what do i do to stay happy? listen to music!

    <3 kelly

  2. I love sdsu campus, but it’s been a while since I’ve been there (probably pre-construction). it’s such a pretty place to be (I would give a whole lot of pesos to see a palm tree right now..Utah leans toward the pines). hope you are enjoying your semester back at school!

  3. It’s why I love ya! And I definitely agree. BTW your campus is gorgeous Lizzie. Counting the days til November..til then I’ll stalk your blog. xx

  4. I just recently got truly acquainted with the art of positivity…my mom is so good at it and I never understood how she could always be so optimistic. I finally get it! It’s like something clicked inside of me, and suddenly life became so much more enjoyable! It’s almost like I had to train my mind to view the world more positively, but I am so glad I did (and still do)! I feel so blessed to have come across your blog! These past few days have really been testing my resolve on the positivity front, and this blog reminded me why it’s worth it to just be happy! You are as happy as you choose to be. And I have to say that photography helps me as well…it is so unbelievable how beautiful the world can be.


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