SEVEN THINGS: take a seat

i’m still in complete move in mode. and all things furniture, paint, and interior design are on my mind. i know it may seem silly, but how my surroundings look and feel effect my happiness greatly enough that i spend a lot of time and effort on decorating. and what’s on my mind today? chairs!

this just oozes relaxation. i could sit on this ol’ thang for an entire sunday afternoon.

two: the hunter boots sitting next to this awesome chair make me love it even more. i am very curious as to how comfortable this chair is though…

three: oh anthropologie. how i love thee.

four: metallic restoration at it’s finest. this is what recycling should be all about.

five: luggage chair? oh i die. you all know about my obsession with vintage suitcases by now.

six: ha! this is so cool.

seven: this pretty rocker is on my wish list. who says you have to have a baby to have a rocker? not me. that’s who.

chairs chairs chairs. my feet wouldn’t make it in this world without you. and my interior decorating self wouldn’t be able to sleep without knowing it’s possible to have a practical and beautiful chair.

do you have any favorites? are you a chair lover just like me?

if you’re lucky enough to find a comfortable and chic chair all in one, you’re lucky enough


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