WHAT’S IN MY BAG: clutch edition

i had so much fun posting my first what’s in my bag post that i decided to do a special edition, the clutch edition. this is the clutch i’ve been taking out with me for nights on the town. it’s a pretty perfect size. it holds all the essentials but isn’t too bulky for me to carry around all night. it also isn’t small enough for me to lose track of it. so come on, take a peak inside!

bag: i’m not entirely sure, it’s an oldie.

  1. hair tie and clip. for obvious reasons.
  2. piece of gum. i try and always have gum on me, even if it’s just one piece
  3. car keys, house keys.
  4. iphone. oh by the way… i found out the new one comes out in september. i am so excited i can barely stand it!
  5. mini perfume. miracle by lancome
  6. a bit of cash. sadly, i never have very much.
  7. credit card. because as noted in #6, i never have cash on me.
  8. ID. and a REAL id at that ya’ll. i’m 21 now. woo hoo!
  9. mentha lip shine –mint infused for fresh breath

how about you all? what do you keep in your “going out” bag? or are you one of those lucky gals that doesn’t even need to bring a bag out?

if you’re lucky enough to squeeze the necessities of life into a cute clutch, you’re lucky enough


7 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN MY BAG: clutch edition

  1. Lizzie – I love love love your blog. These posts are always great :) I’d love it if you did more – like, what’s in your make-up bag, what’s in your car kind of thing :) Thank you creating such a lovely blog. x

  2. I also love clutches for night’s out, because lugging around a big, heavy purse is such a bother. And your clutch is reminiscent of Chanel! How cool is that?

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