SEVEN THINGS: cupcake palooza

cupcakes are quite possibly the greatest baked good ever invented. for some reason i’m not a huge fan of cake. but put cake in cup form and WHAM BAM! it’s heavenly. and on top of tasting like a piece of sweet bliss, cupcakes are also the world’s best gifts.

this past week one of my best friends was going through a bit of a difficult time. so i went to an adorable cupcake shop, sift cupcakes, and bought her a tiny treat. it’s the little things that show friends we truly care.

so let’s all oo and aww together at a lucky SEVEN cupcakes:

one: perrty darn cute. paint + cupcakes = perfection.

: i think it’d be hard to eat this cupcake, it’s just too darn cute. not impossible, but definitely hard.

three: a cupcake and rainbow colors? i’m smitten.

four: this one just caught my eye. it’s so darling.

five: red velvet is my absolute favorite flavor. of everything. what’s yours?

six: ha! i wonder if england foresaw this poster?

seven: pure sweetness.

oh cupiecakes. how i adore thee. do you like cupcakes? do you have any crazy cupcake favorites? do share!

if you’re lucky enough to be inspired by a tasty treat, you’re lucky enough





4 thoughts on “SEVEN THINGS: cupcake palooza

  1. I somehow worked my way over to your blog (don’t ask me how because I’m not sure either) and I’m in love! Just made red velvet cupcakes this week too. I think that makes it more beautiful. :) Have a great day!


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