i’m really enjoying my summer spent with my friends and family in northern california. and i’m uber excited to get back to san diego, see my friends, and start my last year of college. but for some reason, ireland has been on my mind a whole lot this week.

right? who wouldn’t be missing that gorgeous country. {in case you’re new around here, i just returned from living and studying in ireland in june}. i’m a big believer that if you put your dreams out in the universe, they can come true. and i’m dreaming that someday {sooner than later} i’ll be able to move back to ireland and live and work there for a few years.

i’m happy with where i am in life now, but if i want to make this wish come true i’ve got to keep working towards it.

do you have any wishes for your life this wednesday? do share! saying {or typing. ha!} them out loud makes them feel so much more real.

if you’re lucky enough to have wishes and dreams, you’re lucky enough


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