SEVEN THINGS: bike your heart out

i’m headed back to san diego soon, and my pretty little friend is waiting for me in storage. no! i’m not storing a human friend you crazies. i’m storing my bike friend. and i have a feeling she’s very ready to go riding, considering she’s been locked up for 8 months. so now i’m thinking all things bicycle…

one: pretty bike + pretty girl + pretty funny pose = pretty picture

two: i’m not normally very mushy and gushy, but isn’t this just so sweet? {insert collective awweee}

three: eat your heart out. isn’t this bike absolutely rad? i want! i want!

four: this etsy jewelry maker knows how to do it. caaauuute.

five: who woulda thunk? rainbow colors and pretty bikes all in one photo. my heart just skipped a beat. {don’t worry, it’s thumping again.}

six: shut the front door. i think my future litter of children will each have to own a bike with their names in them. bonus: i think your bike would be way less likely to get swiped by the nasty neighborhood gang. right?

: simply delightful.

welp bike, i’m officially excited to see you. i hope you’re excited to see me.

do you have a lovely bike friend? if yours isn’t locked up in storage like mine, you should take her out on a spin today. just for me. and my lonely, locked up friend. what the heck, take her out for YOU!

if you’re lucky enough to have a bike to ride, you’re lucky enough

7 thoughts on “SEVEN THINGS: bike your heart out

  1. Love this little collection you have going here. Since I don’t have a little heart is slightly breaking but this makes me want to get one right-this-very-minute! I think the quote is my favorite and the name bike..fantastic!

  2. I’ve got one which used to belong tomy mother. It’s a blue ATB which must originally be for men, but I love it ! I did so much things with it. I’ll keep it until it will be broken (so sad to imagine that…)

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