DO IT YOURSELF: frame earring holder

when i showed you all what’s in my bag i mentioned that i feel naked without earrings. so naturally my earring collection is pretty killer. and naturally the cutsie patootsie earring holders and organizers out there just don’t have enough space to hold my gems. so what’s a girl to do? make. her. own.

your frame of choice, wire, small nails {relative to the size of your frame of course}, a ruler, pencil, hammer, and scissors.


  1. using a ruler, mark where each of your nails will be going on the inside of the frame. {i spaced mine out by exactly 1 inch}.
  2. using hammer, pound nails into frame directly on your marks.
  3. repeat steps 1-2 on opposite side of the frame
  4. tightly bind wire from one nail to the other, creating tight and straight lines across the frame.
  5. repeat step 4 down the entire frame.
  6. hang frame on your wall.
  7. and finally hang those gorgeous earrings of yours!

this project was slightly time consuming. i’d say at least 2 and 1/2 hours. the tying, twisting, and binding of the wire was what took me the longest time as i tried to ensure that it looked neat and carefully done. but looking at my earrings now, it was completely worth it. i’m pretty sure my earrings are happier now too. so go frame your earrings too! it makes ’em feel special and worthy of being displayed!

so what do you think? would you ever make a frame for your earrings too? or what do you use to organize your earrings? i’d love to see!

if you’re lucky enough to create something that is beautiful and functional, you’re lucky enough


11 thoughts on “DO IT YOURSELF: frame earring holder

  1. This is such a brilliant idea. I can’t tell what I admire more– your creativity or your earring collection. You have a WONDERFUL blog that both inspires me daily and allows me a chance to fall back in love with Petaluma, and life in general!

    I have often thought of your blog when I am complaining in my head about normal life worries, and you help me stay positive and grateful. I hope you know how effective and empowering your blog is, Lizzie!

    Take care! :-)

  2. This is such a good idea. I really need to do this. I am so unorganized with my earrings, they are all in a drawer in my bathroom. Sad I know. Thanks for this idea!

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