i finally, finally scored a beautiful vintage globe from thrifty hippy {yes, the thrift store i just mentioned}. i also got another pretty pretty platter for a whopping $2. you better believe that thing has already been painted chalkboard. and i also found a really nice, big frame on clearance at an art store that i’ve spent my day crafting into something really cool. i’ll share details with you soon!

the week is almost over. tomorrow is friday. and monday is the first day of august? what? where did this summer go? i’ve certainly enjoyed myself though. how about you all? are you as shocked as i am that summer has zipped by?

if you’re lucky enough to find a vintage globe you adore, you’re lucky enough


5 thoughts on “THRIFTY THURSDAY

  1. Just wanted to say you have a really great outlook on life. I enjoyed reading your blog. I also linked you on my blog. I’m new to the blog world, but I hope to be around for a while.

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