SEVEN THINGS: somewhere over the rainbow

monday blues? i think not. let’s all have monday RAINBOWS. who’s with me?

one: i have a feeling this cake tastes just as lovely as it looks. maybe i should test this theory out?

two: combines two things i adore. reading and drawing. it’s brilliant, just brilliant.

three: i am 99.76% certain that i am going to own this one day.

four: this eye drives me wild. do you think anyone would judge me if i did my makeup like this? this just in: i think i don’t care. i want to do it!

five: i have virgin hair. never dyed. not even once. wouldn’t it be caaaraazy if i did this as my first dye job ever? if i didn’t work in the corporate world, i’d be tempted. way tempted.

six: i don’t know about ya’ll, but this photo just makes my heart smile.

seven: what do you think– either the happiest or the grumpiest guy lives in house and nothing in between. for the sake of all things cheery and colorful, my bets on the happy guy.

now that felt nice. is everyone else on the monday RAINBOWS bandwagon with me? or was that a little bit too much pep and glee for you? {sorry, but it’s going to keep on flooding on to this ol’ blog like a hose full of glitter.}

if you’re lucky enough to have the monday rainbows, you’re lucky enough


10 thoughts on “SEVEN THINGS: somewhere over the rainbow

  1. haha. {sorry, but it’s going to keep on flooding on to this ol’ blog like a hose full of glitter.} And that’s why I’ll keep coming back! :)

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  4. Awwww I love this! I was just looking for gay-friendly images and stumbled across your blog and this is the best, cutest rainbow of gay stuff ever!!!!!

    Luv. It. :)

    More plz!!!!!!

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