…went to another giants game…

…with my marvelous mother as my date {the giants won!}.

… ate wonderful treats while shopping with my girlfriends.

… had my nails manicured and painted do you lilac it? by OPI. {did you think i was going to say this week i… ate an apple? ha! tricked ya!}

i shared this recipe for lemon almond cookies. a delicious yet healthy cookie– who woulda thunk it? then i spent the rest of the day dreaming i could relax in this sweet oasis of a chair.

i posted my second outfit. stripes, sandals, and sunglasses galore!

and i celebrated my half birthday with this wish list of goodies i so badly desire.

i showed you all what was in my bag. and it was so fun, i want to do it again. problem is, well, the same stuff is still in there.

i also shared with you a deep dark secret. as well as one of my favorite quotes.

i had a pretty fantabulous week i do believe. how about you? did you go to any baseball games this week? or paint your nails a pretty color? or just enjoy life?

if you’re lucky enough to go to a giants game and eat chocolate strawberries all in one week, you’re lucky enough

3 thoughts on “WEEKLY WRAP

  1. Those strawberries look pretty fantastic. In fact, your entire week does! I had pretty great week too, so smiles all around here as well. :)


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