CONFESSIONS: cheesy pop songs make me smile

my name is lizzie and i’m addicted to feel good, cheesy, critically not acclaimed pop songs. {now you say “hello lizzie}.

my current partners in crime:

hello by christina aguilera.

the climb by miley cyrus.

who says by selena gomez.

but guess what? every time i’m feeling a little bit down and out, these songs never fail to make me feel SPECTACULAR. and when i listen to them while getting ready in the morning — wooweee my entire day is different.

so maybe i should stop being embarrassed about my love for these songs? as christina would tell me “be who you are, don’t be ashamed.”

what about you? do you have any songs that you are embarrassed to admit you can’t help shaking your hips and singing along to?

if you’re lucky enough to let at get at least one secret off your chest, you’re lucky enough


4 thoughts on “CONFESSIONS: cheesy pop songs make me smile

  1. ha! i pretty much shake my booty and sing it loud to any of these cheesy feel good songs! changes my mood instantly! country music – the happy songs – are some of my favorite! right now it’s dirt road anthem.

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