while there isn’t anything too exciting happening in this purse, i’ve always loved reading “what’s in my bag” posts. it may have been sheer procrastination from work that made me finally decide to join in on the fun. i love this bag. i wasn’t able to fit it in my suitcase to ireland, so i left it at my parents’ house. well last week i was doing a bit of organizing and came across this thing. after 6 months apart, it felt like a welcoming back an old {nearly forgotten} love. so now, come on friends, take a peak inside!

bag: lucky brand

  1. mentha lip shine –mint infused for fresh breath
  2. lucas’ papaw ointment
  3. rayban sunglasses case
  4. us weekly {yes, i’m guilty of reading all that garbage. you caught me}
  5. hair clip
  6. nail polish {i told you i’m a bit crazy about chipped nails. yikes, i can’t stand ’em. so i usually carry around whatever color i’m wearing, just in case}
  7. mechanical pencil.
  8. rayban aviators, polarized
  9. car keys, house key, and my adorable minnetonka moccasin key chain
  10. lick my glass! pin from sonoma county portworks
  11. spare pair of earrings. {my ears feel very naked and vulnerable without earrings, so i usually have a spare pair just in case i forget}
  12. orbit spearmint gum
  13. iphone 3gs {i am dying for the newest iphone to come out. does anybody know when it’s being released?}
  14. dooney and bourke coin purse. {i have been using this as my wallet since moving to ireland. it’s so tiny, i love it}.

and see that reflection right there? my pretty lil camera is almost always in my bag as well. but the poor babe never gets photographed. {we didn’t forget you this time cam cam!}

what about you? what do you keep in your bag at all times?

well that was oodles of fun. i wish it wasn’t over. now it’s back to work.

if you’re lucky enough to carry a purse full of goodies, you’re lucky enough

end note: in honor of journalistic integrity, it must be noted that i threw away gum wrappers, miscellaneous trash, and lint balls before taking these photos. fewf, glad to get that off my chest.

14 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN MY BAG

  1. Hi,
    I found your blog and I must say I love it! I went and read almost all your entries. cute bag as well, the size is perfect. I look forward to reading more

  2. Cute post, I’ve thought about doing this but haven’t got around to it. I keep my polish in my purse as well and I love the idea of keeping pairs of earrings…I always forget to put earring on :)


  3. I love seeing these things as well. Mine always has a camera, a notepad, and a pencil or pen, plus my wallet. Other things come and go, but those are necessities.

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  9. What a pretty bag. Your bag is quite empty compared to some of the ‘What’s in my bag’ posts on the Internet. It’s amazing what some people carry around with them!


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