FAVORITE THINGS: 1/2 birthday wishlist

i’ve been 21 for 6 months now. i’m 6 months closer to being 22. yoowzza. where does time go? i’ve had an amazing time being 21 and i can only imagine how much fun i’ll have over the next 6 months. here’s my dream 1/2 birthday wish list *hint*hint* ….

this fiberglass rocker rocks my world. {ha!- do you see what i did there? oh i kill myself}

this uhmazing map pillow needs to be on my couch.

this vintage globe really wants to live on my desk, i’m sure of it.

this wall decor would look perfect in my room.

this shabby chic vintage desk. ahh. need i say more?

a black pug and….

…a black pig! and i want to raise them as sisters. i already have two very special names picked out for them. oh pretty please, run into my arms now you cute things you!

thoughts? do you need my mailing address? {jokes. kind of. but seriously, i’ll give it to you}

if you’re lucky enough to celebrate your 1/2 birthday too, you’re lucky enough

7 thoughts on “FAVORITE THINGS: 1/2 birthday wishlist

  1. Thanks for the tweet. Love your blog. You should absolutely get a pug and a pig. So cute. I would love a french bulldog, but it has to be a rescue. My little pup is a rescue and needs a friend in the next year or two :)

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