…painted my nails “let’s do lunch” by sephora for OPI.

….ate mashed cauliflower, made by my darling mother. {have you ever tried this? it’s deelish and so much healthier than mashed potatoes}.

…wore my new clogs from target. ah, i swoon over these babes.

…went shopping with my girlfriends.

…and saw horrible bosses. it was insanely funny. i’m itching to see it again. and jennifer aniston was surprisingly perfect. {i’ve always adored her, but she really blew it out of the water with this role. she was perfectly hysterical}

i was a busy bee. i started my second and third summer school courses online, for a total of three classes. and while i wanted to stress out, you all helped me feel better.

i shared my obsession for nail polish with you along with a handful of my favorite summer colors.

i posted my very first outfit post.

i dreamed about my new bedroom design.

and i giggled over this cute lil’ girl and her spunky opinions.

how was your week? i hope it was filled with happy summer times. i can hardly stand the fact that summer is nearly half way over… oiy vey.

if you’re lucky enough to enjoy your week, you’re lucky enough


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