SEVEN THINGS: dreamy bedrooms

i’m moving back to san diego in a couple weeks for my final year at san diego state. and the rush of decorating ideas are flooding my little mind once again. {and i haven’t even seen the place yet!} so, in honor of my design enthusiasm, this weeks seven things is dedicated to a handful of bedrooms i’m lusting after.

: can you imagine living in a space as naturally gorgeous as this? i honestly believe the least creative and stylish person would live glamorously simply because the construction looks so divine.

i’m smitten with these branches. they almost look like antlers for the bed don’t they? and don’t even get my started on those suitcases, oh la la.

: i feel like a fabulous rock star {or maybe even just rock groupie} lives here. and she smokes cigarettes and reads books all day long, lounging on that heavenly bed.

the girliest of girly girls would live here. and her nails would always be polished. and she probably brushes her hair exactly 100 times a day. i’ve been searching for a dress form for quite awhile, and this one is just so delicate and pretty.

five: a literary heaven. and that ladder? i adore this bedroom and all the creativity it inspires.

six: hardwood floors are a definite dream of mine. this bedrooms looks messy, yet still chic. the uneven collage of photographs and the framed photo resting on the ground are so intriguing.

seven: i think the bottom left corner may have stolen my heart {i’ve been on the hunt for a vintage globe ever since returning from my travels} but the bedding is gorgeous in its own right. and the mustard rug? lovely.

now if i can somehow tie everything i love about each of these bedrooms into one glamorous, chic, and homey room i’ll be oh so happy.

if you’re lucky enough to be inspired to design, you’re lucky enough

10 thoughts on “SEVEN THINGS: dreamy bedrooms

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