guuuuuys. i am having the most stressful couple of days with school, work, and life all catapulting at the same time. but you know what makes it all better? reading your lovely comments and emails. so this little gem above is my surprised “oh you shouldn’t have!” face {circa 1994 mind you}. thank you darling readers, you make my spastastic mind calm down and smile a bit. and i LOVE reading all of your blogs as well. so thank you, thank you, thank you for reading and commenting.

if you’re lucky enough to have readers ease your worries, you’re lucky enough


8 thoughts on “YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE!

  1. Lizzie, one of my all time favorite people on the planet. Don’t get too stressed out my friend. One day you will be 49 and realize it didn’t matter. Love you, keep up the good work. xoxo

  2. Rather than let my ego say this is all too good to be true I embrace the miracles and say THANK YOU. The mission of this vlog is to guide you to embrace miracles focus on gratitude and say thank you! Thank you for being my friend teacher spiritual guide and

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