SEVEN THINGS: hair envy

i need a haircut something fierce. i think it’s been at least 6 months. {don’t judge, i’ve been traveling the world after all}. so i spent this morning surfin’ the good ol web for some inspiration. and while these aren’t exactly images i can take to my hair stylist, these ladies sure do have some gorgeous locks and dos.

1. her curls and bow look so innocent and pretty.

2. i’ve got major bang envy here. to bang or not to bang? {ha!}

3. this is so sweet and summery.

4. must try this now.

5. do your messy buns ever look this fabulous? mine either. hmph.

6. i’ve been on a major fishtail braid craze myself. they are so lovely.

7. i was so shocked to see this is lauren conrad. i never would have thought she’d do something so out of the box. but i love it, i really do.

here’s to a weekend of fabulously styled hair! ready, set, braid-dye-pin!

if you’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous head of hair, you’re lucky enough


4 thoughts on “SEVEN THINGS: hair envy

  1. I am obsessed with braids right now, I had long gorgeous hair, but when I went to go get a haircut, to take some of the split ends off, the lady over cut. Leaving me with shorter hair (shoulder length), which is cute.. but I miss the long hair and all of the fun things I could do with it.

  2. I absolutely love fishtail braids and side braids! But I always feel like you need to have really long hair for it to look nice.. my is not long enough!!!!

    Melody x


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