AN ODE TO: my long lost steve madden intyce boots

dear lovely lady friends,

by now i am sure you have realized we are no longer together. in fact, we are no longer even in the same country. it broke my heart, but as i packed to leave ireland and return to california, i had to leave you behind. i know it’s taken me awhile to write to you, but it was just too painful at first.

i miss your cutsie patootsie little wedges that gave me just a little oomph and a fun click clack as i walked through the crowds. i miss your gorgeous brown color and the way you glistened in the light. and i miss your ability to make heads turn. you always got the ball rolling, and even if the heads that turned didn’t like what they saw north of you, at least you tried.

but my lovelies, i don’t miss the holes in your soles and how easily you let the cold tickle my toes. i don’t miss that your ripped lining tried to eat my feet every single time i tried to put you on and later take you off. i don’t miss being in constant fear that my toes would finally break free and slip straight through the tip of you.

but my sweet, sweet boots, you will always be my first grown up purchase. we had nearly 3 years together and i do not regret one single moment of it.

so, where do we go from here? well, i hope you have found a glorious new owner who appreciates you and your deteriorating self. and me? well… i’m on the hunt for a replacement. no, that’s not the right word. i’m looking for a rebound pair of brown boots.

i’ll love you forever,

xo, lizzie


fewf. glad to get that off my chest. now, question for you all…any suggestions as for my rebound pair of brown boots? or should i stick with the ol’ if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and simply replace the pair above? all opinions and suggestions are very much appreciated.

if you’re lucky enough to become emotionally attached to your favorite pair of boots, you’re lucky enough


4 thoughts on “AN ODE TO: my long lost steve madden intyce boots

  1. I love these boots, but had to return mine after wearing it for only 1 month. It was falling apart already!!! I bought good ol Frye boots instead. I know it’s leather & will last a lot longer.


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