DO IT YOURSELF: chalkboard platters

as you know, i’ve been oh so inspired by chalkboards lately.  finally, after lusting over them last week, i decided to do a little crafting of my own. for those of you who, like me, live in rentals and don’t have the permission to paint entire walls or cabinets, there is still chalkboardy hope!

WHAT YOU NEED:  your platter of choice, chalkboard paint, and a paint brush. {many people recommend using a foam brush to have a smoother finish. i tried both and didn’t notice an extreme difference}. you should be able to find amazing platters at any vintage or thrift stores in your area. and chalkboard paint is available at most hardware/ paint stores.


  1. first and foremost, clean your platter. if you’ve ever painted before, you know how awful it is to paint something dirty and then be able to see the dust and grime through the paint.
  2. once you’ve cleaned your ready-to-be-transformed platter, paint away! {some people recommend using a metal primer– i didn’t bother in order to keep this project cheap and i’m happy with the outcome. and some people tape off their area– if you have a steady hand like yours truly, skip it. if you’re shaky or dealing with an ity bity painting area, tape it off}.
  3. let dry. and apply at least 2 coats. {i applied 3}.
  4. start chalking it up! {i spent 45 min doodling after i took these photos. too much fun}.

this project is beyond easy. from start to finish it took me a whopping 30 min {and this included 20min of drying time}. and now i am having to continually stop myself from painting everything i own chalkboard. addicted? yes.

what about you? do you think you would do a chalkboard platter like this? or anything else chalkboardy? please share! you know i get weak in the knees over this stuff.

if you’re lucky enough to create something you love, you’re lucky enough


16 thoughts on “DO IT YOURSELF: chalkboard platters

  1. Wow! Awesome idea, darlin’!!!! I LOVE vintage platters like those and NEVER would have thought of turning them into chalkboards! You’re so stinkin’ creative! I saw on someone else’s blog where they painted their entire refrigerator in chalkboard paint! How fun is that?!? You’d have A LOT of room to doodle then!

  2. I am featuring these Chalkboard Platters on my site on Monday. Feel free to stop by and grab a button!

    This is so awesome!! I have some of these platters sitting around my house gathering dust AND I have the chalkboard paint! I am so making these!! Thanks for the inspiration.

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