SEVEN THINGS: seeing red

no no, don’t worry i’m not seeing red in anger. i’m seeing red because of my nasty nasty sunburn. you’re thinking stop complaining lizzie, right? well i agree. so i’m channeling my pain and misery into something a little more creative. a list of seven things that resemble my lobster arms and legs but are so much prettier…

1. red boots. available here.

2. red velvet doughnut. pretty please appear on my plate NOW!

3. sassy red lips.

4. gorgeous red hair. i want a lesson in bobby pinning from this lady.

5. pretty cute red polka dots.

6. red lace and an open back. love.

7. knitted red hat. {sister sister, you could easily make this hat. *hinthint*}

if you’re lucky enough to see beauty in red, you’re lucky enough


6 thoughts on “SEVEN THINGS: seeing red

  1. Well, don’t you just have a gorgeous blog!!! Excellent job, my dear!!! I love the lucky enough idea too! :o) I’m definitely looking forward to learning more about you!!

    I wish I could pull off that red hair AND do the bobby pin-up! I love it! Red is such a beautiful color! Well, I guess they all are actually…except orange…not really an orange person. :o)


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