SEVEN THINGS: chalkboard edition

i have developed a new obsession. all things chalkboard.

1. do i even need to talk about this bedroom? it is beyond amazing.

2. a winery with a chalkboard? two of the things i love the most in one place. aesthetic heaven.

3. i don’t think i’d ever be able to eat my breakfast, but this chalkboard table is so cool.

4. the chalk says it all: lovely.

5. a little organization through chalkboards. i like it, i like it a lot.

6. just in case you forget what you planted. especially if you’re like me and it’s very rare that your seeds ever bloom…

7. oh my gah. get on my desk. right now.

please do yourself a favor and search: chalkboards on pininterest. i promise, you won’t be even a little bit annoyed with how much time flies by.

if you’re lucky enough to be inspired through crafts, you’re lucky enough

bedroom. wall and shelves. potted plants. globe. kitchen table. winery. end table.


6 thoughts on “SEVEN THINGS: chalkboard edition

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