MY JULY… & dry july

2011 is officially half way over. and i have done more in this year than i can even believe.

but, there are a ton of things i still want to do. so i’ve decided to embark on my own 1/2 year renewal. if you follow me on twitter you know that i’m going to do dry july. that’s a month of no alcohol. after 6 months of drinking like the irish (yes, what you hear is true… they can drink!) i’ve decided to give my body a much needed detox. and i’ve decided while i’m striving for a healthier me, why not start checking off some goals of mine… and so now i invite you to hold me accountable! and to join in if you want to start the second half of this year on the right foot too…

if you’re lucky enough to be ready to work on yourself, you’re lucky enough


One thought on “MY JULY… & dry july

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