SEVEN THINGS: vintage suitcases

i cannot stop looking at my two new suitcases with hearts in my eyes. they are just too darling for words. but they are not too darling for ideas, inspiration, and PROJECTS! here are the SEVEN projects i’m considering crafting with my two gorgeous new friends…

1. hello gorgeous. the whole entire thing. the suitcase nightstand is just the icing on top of this beautiful space.

2. i would be able to sit at my desk all day if i had this workspace. a giant trunk serving as an office space? sign me up! yes i know that my two suitcases are too small for this…(sigh).

3. i’m not usually one to want to paint over anything vintage or antique, but who can deny how gorgeous this looks? the monochromatic look is absolutely stunning.

4. happy bum happy home right? goodness gracious i NEED to have a chair like this in my home.

5. when i get my pug puppy, believe me this will be her home. it doesn’t get much cuter does it?

6. what could ever look better as a coffee table or at the foot of your bed? absolutely nothing, that’s what.

7. can you even imagine? picture yourself as a house guest in one of your lovely friends’ homes. and then picture you go to take a shower after traveling ALL day, and this is what you come across. hello. please and thank you. i’d never leave.

oh my. i’m getting a little bit nervous that i may have an obsession. you all have the right to let me know if my bedroom, apartment, or future home start to look a little too much like a luggage store.

if you’re lucky enough to be inspired to create, you’re lucky enough

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