earlier today i was oh so excited to go to an awesome record store i heard about in downtown petaluma, ca. unfortunately fortunately, the record store was closed and so i decided to peruse the area a bit. and what did i stumble across? only one of the cutest vintage/ antique stores i’ve seen in awhile.

the store, summer cottage antiques, is two stories and full oh so many exciting treasures. they have gorgeous desks, cabinets, and home decor. oodles of vintage buttons. and an entire box filled with vintage scrabble pieces. and best of all, a pretty selection of vintage suitcases. i scored these two beauties:

while the very friendly staff and i were pulling these suitcases from the window (yes, i took the two in the window display!) we took a look inside and found medicine and toothpaste from 1962! it was so cool. i now actually know the name of the previous owner and the era this gorgeous thing is from.

ah! i’m so smitten. i’m undecided what exactly i’ll be doing with these bad boys because i have a few different dream projects involving suitcases. but once i’ve decided i’ll be sure to share. isn’t it so fun when you stumble across something wonderful on accident?

if you’re lucky enough to shop at summer cottage antiques, you’re lucky enough

footnote: the store also has a blog! check it out.


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