thank you dad….

….for teaching me two very important lessons in life:

1. how to know when it’s time to take a break.

2. and how to know when it’s time  fight back and shoot stuff.

happy father’s day padre! i adore you and i am so lucky you are in my life. here’s to another year of grilling, margarita making, and traveling all over the world.

if you’re lucky enough to know my father, you’re lucky enough


3 thoughts on “thank you dad….

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  2. Just like dealing with a set of cards betting on the game..How long more would my journey be I do not know. It is indeed really hard to express emotions when I dont know what Im feeling right now. Its such a grey area which makes sense why people could laugh cry at the same time. An intricate emotion where human can be crying out happy tears or laughing out loud for sorrowness. or will be 26 in few days..It scares me to know how terribly fast times flies.


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