I’M A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY… nashville part ii

my brother picked my mom and me up from the airport after our long night of travel last tuesday. (red eye flights are theoretically a good idea, you fly at night and don’t really waste any day time traveling. but i always end up so so exhausted afterwards. maybe once i’m flying first class i’ll feel rested ;) and he pleasantly surprised us with exciting news: we had tickets to the grand ole opry to see darius rucker, martina mcbride, lady antebellum, and carrie underwood!

now i don’t know if you know, but the grand ole opry is the beeezzneeezz of country music in nashville. it’s a huge honor to be asked to preform there. (nobody has asked me as of yet?) and it is often called “country’s most famous stage.” and guess what? i was there! the show was absolutely amazing and the baby nephews did a fabulous job while we were there.

the show was completely sold out and we ended up with standing tickets. but, in all reality it turned out even better for us to be standing with the two youngins. they were able to move their tiny legs and have a bit more freedom than they would have had in a normal, seated section of the venue.

conner fell asleep half way through the concert but logan made it all the way through. twas a great, great evening. absolutely one for the record books. thanks again ben and whitney!

if you’re lucky enough to go to a concert at the grand ole opry, you’re lucky enough


3 thoughts on “I’M A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY… nashville part ii

  1. I wen there once in highschool! Can’t remember who performed but it is a very exciting venue!!!! Glad you had a fun time. Your nephews are adorable!

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