Well it’s official. All my lovely American friends are on their way back to the states. I’m staying in ireland a few more days because I was expecting to stay for the summer. So when I did change my flight, I was only able to fly to California on the 1st. Most of my irish friends are home and not in Galway, so it’s a little bit strange still being here.

I’m trying very hard not to be sad and emotional. It’s not really working. at. all. So, since I prefer to avoid the mushy and the gushy, i’m going to post a few of my favorite pictures of my favorite gals on some very fun nights. Sound fun to you? Well good.

Well golly gosh, we are a fun bunch o’ ladies. I miss you all already. Travel safely my loves.

if you’re lucky to have made great friends in ireland, you’re lucky enough



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