I know, you’re thinking to yourself.. um what Lizzie? Within a few hours, it went from 4 days left to 1 day left in Ireland. But there’s been a minor, er major, change of plans. I did a little calculating of the bank account and found out that it would actually cost me less to fly home than bounce around Ireland for the next couple of days. And so, that’s what I’m doing. I’m leaving my apartment tomorrow morning around 5am to get to Dublin in time for my 10am flight. and I should be in San Francisco by 7pm.

So it’s actually happening. My time here is ending. But ya know what? I’m not too sad anymore. I had an absolutely amazing time. I met amazing people. and I think I’m only going to continue to realize how lucky I am to have spent the past 5 months in this glorious country.

if you’re lucky enough to study abroad, you’re lucky enough


2 thoughts on “IRELAND COUNTDOWN: 1 day left…

  1. Your article was very informative and very well written !! I will continue to come back to your blog to see what articles you have in the future !!Great graphics that kept my attention. Well done! Thanks for sharing!


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