jameson distillery: in words

remember when lauren, rachel, and i went to cork and visited the blarney stone? well after our very serene, peaceful afternoon we zipped over the jameson distillery. and i mean the jameson distillery. you know that glass of jameson you’re enjoying right now? or that shot you had last night? it came from the distillery i visited! no matter where you are in the world, you are drinking jameson made from the exact same place. how cool is that? it makes the world feel really small, right?

well, now that you’ve seen a bundle of photos of the factory, i wanted to share with you the very coolest tidbit i learned:

in the old days, to test the alcohol proof of their whiskey, the workers would poor some over gun powder.
if the gun powder did nothing, the whiskey wasn’t strong enough.
if there was a little flame, the whiskey was perfect.
if there was a tiny explosion, the whiskey was too strong.
and whenever a tiny explosion occurred, the factory would cheer because it meant the whiskey couldn’t be sold and couldn’t leave the factory.
the jameson had to be consumed.

i love story time. and i love when you leave a very touristy tour feeling happy and glad you spent your time and money there. i also got my dad and brother the absolute coolest souvenir. unfortunately i know good ol’ dad reads ze blog, so i cannot share yet. but i will eventually. just tryin’ to keep the surprise alive dad!

if you’re lucky enough to love a tour, you’re lucky enough


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