guest blogger: kate

kate is studying abroad in germany this semester and we found each other through blogging. how fun is that? she writes a great blog about all of her experiences both in germany and throughout europe. i am so lucky to have such an amazing writer guest post for me. thank you kate!


I was so excited when Lizzie asked me to guest post about why I studied abroad. It’s a great question and I’m loving the chance to talk about it here on Lucky Enough blog!

This semester, I’m in Freiburg, Germany studying German, international economics, and the politics of the European Union.  This program gives me the chance to travel to lots of different EU countries on “field study” trips and learn about regional cultures and politics in an up close and personal setting, in addition to living in Germany and absorbing the culture here.

So, why did I choose to study abroad?

As a kid, I grew up in a very, very small town in Alabama.  I loved traveling and seeing new things, but I always daydreamed, when I was little, of really far-off, magical places like the stuff of my favorite childhood movies – Mary Poppins’ London, The Sound of Music’s Austria, or even Winnie the Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood.  In other words, the stage was always set for wanderlust.

The idea of living abroad and immersing yourself in a foreign culture – eating their food, watching their TV, walking their streets and learning their language – it appeals to me.  I love this unique opportunity to experience and appreciate firsthand both the differences and similarities between people and cultures, while simultaneously taking an academic approach to the place – studying their history, their politics, their way of life.  It’s an unmatched adventure.

I’ve been living in Germany now for about 3 months. My semester is more than halfway over, and the time has flown! Studying abroad has definitely been one of the best decisions I ever made, and discovering the lives of others here has been the greatest opportunity.  By living with people from other countries, making friends with students from across the globe, and studying under all European professors, my life has been enriched forever.

How has it enriched me?

It’s about growing – about not stagnating. I see all these new places, I meet all these new people, and not only does it give breadth to my experiences and depth to knowledge, but it solidifies my familiarity with myself.  Studying abroad can reveal the strengths, the abilities, the beliefs, and the very substance of yourself that, maybe, you weren’t as aware of before.  The more I experience other communities, the more I learn. The more I learn about other cultures, the more I grow. The more I synthesize.  It’s all just super exciting!

I know in the future, I’ll always be thankful for my opportunity and eager to share my enthusiasm for going abroad with others!

Thanks so much to Lizzie for letting me guest post here on her cool Lucky Enough blog! I’m a fan and honored for the chance to take part in it : )

if you’re lucky enough to have kate as a guest blogger, you’re lucky enough


2 thoughts on “guest blogger: kate

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  2. Really curious about how you networked to get guest bloggers on your site. I think its really great to offer a breadth of different perspectives on study abroad. I have a student blogs section on my site and would love to link to both of your blogs. Tweet @LoveStudyAbroad. Thanks!


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