this is how i feel…

my trip to greece was canceled. in all fairness the country is in a bit of turmoil, so really do we want to be there? well yes. but would my mom want me to be there? no. she probably wouldn’t. but i tweeted about my frustration and easyjet tweeted me back and said sorry, the nice people. i keep trying to remind myself of the places i’ve already been and maybe i’ll even plan another trip. not everybody even gets to plan a trip to greece, so i’m a little bit lucky right?

i suppose this just means that future husband, we are going to have to honeymoon in greece. or better yet, friends start saving your pennies. summer 2012 trip to greece anyone?

if you’re lucky enough to have a trip to greece planned in the first place, you’re lucky enough


2 thoughts on “this is how i feel…

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