reason #872 why i love ireland

there are two major chain stores that i do my grocery shopping at: tesco and dunnes. however, there is a tiny little shop without a lot of product around the corner from my apartment called mullans.

today it was pouring rain. and hailing. and darn it i was hungry but without groceries. so instead of a 15 min walk to either dunnes or tesco, i ran through the rain across the street to mullans.

i love ireland because the lady that works there is just the sweetest. while checking out she managed to find the time to call me 4 precious names.

  1. “how are you today love?”
  2. “oh thanks pet.”
  3. “do you need a bag sweetie?”
  4. “2 euros change, thanks a million honey bunch.”

um wow. if that doesn’t just make your day brighter i don’t know what would. california cashiers, please treat me like this when i return.

if you’re lucky enough to go grocery shopping in ireland, you’re lucky enough


One thought on “reason #872 why i love ireland

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