seven things

how crazy is this photo? it was raining a few yards away from us but not where we were standing.

homemade sugar cubes. and a gorgeous orange table.

handcrafted and painted puzzles. don’t tell my nephews… but i got em one!

the prettiest dog i’ve seen in ireland. isn’t his face just perfect? we all ooed and awwed at his preciousness for a bit too long…

gorgeous dishes at the farmers market today. i want each and every one of them.

the cutest patchwork owl i’ve ever seen. i want a whole house full of ’em!

a little girl’s dream. or… maybe my dream?

what a fun and successful saturday spent at the farmers market. i love saturdays in galway. the city just buzzes with life.

if you’re lucky enough to be in galway on a saturday, you’re lucky enough


2 thoughts on “seven things

    • agreed! and they’re handmade by a precious irish lady, which makes them even more adorable. i may end up cracking and buying one at the next farmers market…


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