i remember my first kiss…

…at the blarney castle. now who the heck told me it was overrated? probably the same pesky pooper that told me not to go to the guinness factory. well, you were wrong. dead wrong. on both occasions.

the blarney castle was stunning. absolutely gorgeous. combined with the breathtaking weather, it was a great day. and you better believe i kissed the stone. now, it was a struggle to get photos but rachel tried her best. thank you. but the photos of the castle grounds still make me want to zip line back there, eat a picnic lunch of bread and cheese, and drink a bottle of wine. and make grass angels (if that’s possible?).

oh sweet ireland. you have so many treasures hidden throughout the country. and that’s why i love love love ya.

if you’re lucky enough to kiss the blarney stone, you’re lucky enough


One thought on “i remember my first kiss…

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