easter in vatican city

now, don’t make fun… but i had no idea that the vatican city was its own country. i spent my easter weekend country hopping from italy to vatican city. the vatican is breathtaking. the views. the history. the artwork. i wish i could buy every one of you a plane ticket there right away. it’s a place you just have to visit.

on the saturday before easter, our entire wsa group ventured to the vatican. we toured st. peter’s basilica as well as the vatican museum. i cannot believe i saw the artwork that i saw. even now, as i look through my more than 1,000 photos (yes- i know, insanity) i’m a little shocked at what i’m lucky enough to have visited. the highlights for me included the sistine chapel and the school of athens. now, you are not suppose to take photos in the sistine chapel and i obliged to that request. i found it so disrespectful and rude that so many other tourists were just snappin’ away.

and then there was easter sunday. mass began at 10.15am and we thought we would get there in plently of time if we left at 9am. well… we were wrong. even though we had tickets, we ended up being without a seat and we had to stand for the duration of mass. but it was gorgeous nonetheless.

religion is sticky territory for me. i’ve been raised catholic and for the most part, my large family is pretty religious but i’m a little iffy at the moment. but i have to admit, and i want to admit, that i was blown away on easter sunday. it was really cloudy out most of the weekend we spent in rome including sunday morning. but when the pope strolled down the aisle and stood at the front of the altar, the sun came out. i am talking full, beaming yellow golden rays of sun crept out and beat down on the entire crowd. it was a pretty magical moment and one that i knew my family would so have liked to experience.

it still blows my mind. i spent easter in vatican city. i went to easter mass. i went to easter mass with the pope. oh my.

if you’re lucky enough to be in vatican city for easter, you’re lucky enough


3 thoughts on “easter in vatican city

  1. I just found this blog and am loving it! Funny that you mention you’re feeling iffy about religion at the moment…I was also raised Catholic and was lucky enough to see the Pope and the Vatican as well last year, and of course the whole thing unfolded when I was at my absolute lowest point as far as faith was concerned. Things are a little different in my world these days, but at that time I almost felt like I was viewing things objectively as a person who’d never known anything at all about Catholicism or religion…just seeing beautiful artwork. It was a really strange experience – I kept thinking, “if only I’d seen this a few years ago when I was so devout!” Anyway, it was weird. Beautiful pictures!



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