a few of my favorite shots of venice

something about laundry hanging on clotheslines just melts my heart. it makes me feel whimsical and romantic. i think it may be a goal of mine to eventually be moving at a slow enough pace to have the time to hang dry my clothes rather than rush rush rush when doing my own laundry.

i adored the flowers in spain and i loved them in italy. i have decided that no matter where i live my windows are going to be covered in flowers.

boats and ropes. everything is venice is via water. there are literally no cars. none. we took a bus from the airport to the city and from there, you’re on your own. my two feet carried me everywhere. and when they couldn’t carry me, lovely water taxis did. i doubt i could live this like this forever, i love my lil’ toyota prius. but for the time being, it was such fun.

gondolas. oh sweet gondolas. i wish we had gondolas in california. and in ireland. and wherever else i end up living. i wish i could row my gondola to class and to work. gondolas are a piece of floating dessert for our eyes. they’re gorgeous and magical.

friends, let’s plan a trip back to italy. soon preferably.

if you’re lucky enough to take photographs in venice, you’re lucky enough


One thought on “a few of my favorite shots of venice

  1. I have to hang dry all my clothes. They come out smelling a little strange. Its especially difficult during the rainy season. But u make it sound so lovely I think I’ll go do some laundry!


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