venice: a little piece of heaven

i swear the amount of times my mind has been blown while traveling europe is ridiculous. i’ve come to realize that the places that steal my heart are the smaller, less industrial cities. cities like seville and especially cities like venice.

i had so much fun shopping in venice. i scored some serious souvenir loot. i left venice with a goregous mask, three murano glass wine stoppers, a few pieces of murano glass candy, post cards, two gorgeous coasters, and a shot glass. now it’s not all for me, but the lucky few who are getting souvenirs are just going to have to wait and see.

while in venice, lauren and i took our time and really enjoyed the city. we spent tuesday and wednesday walking around, taking in the scenery, and of course eating like it was going out of style. my favorite afternoon was spent eating gelato, city next to the canal, and soaking in some rays.

and thank the sweet lord for lauren. she is honestly my personal tour guide. she loves (i think she loves… either that or she knows she’ll do a better job than me) reading maps and planning. thank you laurenquest.

the few days spent in venice were extraordinary for a lack of better words. my eyes saw a million beautiful sights. my mouth tasted gorgeous food. my ears heard accordion music and the lovely italian language. and my heart was filled with that feeling only attainable through travel.

and then thursday morning we were off to rome. lauren and i waited outside of the train station on the steps of the river enjoying our last minutes in venice. it was my first train ride too. so many firsts in such a short amount of time.

if you’re lucky enough to spend time in venice, you’re lucky enough



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