guest blogger: lucy

lucy is my roommate here in galway, ireland. she’s been both an amazing roommate and friend. i feel so lucky that she was willing to blog for me here on lucky enough as she already works on two blogs herself. one is about studying abroad and the second she writes with her sister about things they love. thank you lucy!


As Lizzie explores the European continent – specifically Italy this time – I know she’s been having such a blast and am more than happy to be roommates with her here in Ireland. Her lovely self wanted to keep you readers happy while away, and asked some of us study abroad students to guest post. I am honored to tell you a little bit about my favorite place.

My favorite place in Ireland has got to be Connemara, specifically this place seen right above. I can’t believe how pretty this place was in March and I can only imagine how gorgeous it is in the summertime. All along this drive are lovely beaches, mountains, sheep, lakes, and cute little towns. Before I head home to the States (which is hopefully rather later than sooner) I would love to go and stay in a hostel in this area. I still have to say that my heart will always have a little sweet spot here for Galway though, so that takes a very quick runner-up to my favorite Irish spot.

if you’re lucky enough to have lucy as a guest blogger, you’re lucky enough


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