how to: procrastinate like a pro! or like the irish…

the irish school system is a bit different than what i’m use to. i’ve come to describe it as a difference between learning and studying. don’t judge san diego state university, but really i don’t study. now now, wait a minute. i don’t study because i learn.

at home, at sdsu, i go to class. it’s a big deal if i miss class. here at nuig, i could miss class for weeks in a row if i wanted. everything comes down to either essays or final exams. get this, there is no homework. there are no quizzes. there is not consistent assessment. my irish friends went to a few lectures every once in awhile. and now, they’re locking themselves in the library. honestly, a few of our friends wake up early, study all day, sleep for a few hours and do it all over again. it’s absurd. but it’s their way of life and they’re use to it.

so how do i survive this? clearly as this blog proves i’ve had a fabulous couple of months in ireland stopping in on class when the mood struck me. and now? now i’m stuck writing three essays! eek. i’ve finished one and i’m suppose to finish the second in the next hour or two. luckily the school system is pretty lenient on international students. i don’t have to sit the same exams that irish students sit. and thank the sweet irish heavens for that.

but i’ve come up with a few pro tricks for procrastination. and they are as follows:

and how did i apply these tactics over the past two days? i became obsessed with bethenny frankel. who knew such a witty, sarcastic, and honestly amazing woman existed on reality tv? apparently a lot of people. and on top of all those characteristics, she makes a low calorie margarita, skinnygirl, that i cannot wait to get my hands on when i’m in the states. i of course utilized facebook like it was going to vanish tomorrow. and yes, i signed up for the nike women’s marathon.

and the results of my behavior? i have to finish a darn essay in a hour if i want to spend tomorrow getting ready for italy!

i hope you have all learned a lil’ something about how to procrastinate, how to put your to do list off, and how to enjoy the spare time you do not have.

if you’re lucky enough to survive three final essays, you’re lucky enough


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