how to do tuesdays in ireland on the cheap

we had ourselves a lovely taco tuesday night last week. we grilled chicken, grated fresh irish cheese, and cut up onions and peppers. and you know what i really wanted to compliment this dinner? margaritas! but you know what is seriously lacking from irish stores? margarita mix!

so we settled for another drink, sex on the beach. and i don’t mean to toot my own horn, but cori and i made a killer recipe.

lizzie and cori’s uhmazing sex on the beach recipe:

3 shots vodka
1 shot peach schnaups
1 coffee cup of orange juice
1/2 coffee cup of cranberry juice

add it all together, mix well, and serve chilled. yumm.

but that was then. and this is now. sigh. and now its back to good ol’ paper writing. but guess what… just 3 days and i’ll be on my way to italy. i am honestly having to chant to myself i think i can, i think i can just to get through this one awful essay.

i think i can, i think i can…

if you’re lucky enough to have fond memories while writing essays, you’re lucky enough


2 thoughts on “how to do tuesdays in ireland on the cheap

  1. A lot of Americans i have met seem to stereotype the Irish they think were actually like leprechauns and assume we all love to drink etc but i would like to know what you think of irish people and Ireland in general? ..what do you think of the accent?..Just anything in general let me know ..if I were to move to America would you befriend me?


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