an epic pub crawl in downtown galway

on monday a group of us went on an epic pub crawl. kelly and i just found out some really sad news (to be discussed later…) so we needed to do something fun. and what is more fun than a pub crawl in ireland?(answer: nothing. nothing at all).

so off we went, a group of 7 of us, went to 11 pubs. why 11? because it was 11 april and we are in ireland for spring 2011. incase any of your lucky readers find yourself in galway, here is the list of pubs we visited. you should honestly go to every single one of them.

  1. menlo park hotel bar (well, you can skip this one. it’s just next to our apartment building and the very first pub we had a pint in)
  2. taaffes
  3. tis coili
  4. the kings head
  5. the spanish arch
  6. neachtains
  7. the dail bar
  8. busker browns
  9. the quays
  10. supermacs
  11. taxi

as you can see… we didn’t really make it to 11 pubs. after the 9th pub we were all struggling. and like the responsible folk we are, we decided to make supermacs our 10th pub and a taxi ride home our 11th. and for your entertainment, here is a collage of each of us girls and our pub crawl.





being camera woman was extra stressful but so worth it. i am so glad we 1. did the pub crawl and 2. thoroughly documented it. we ended the night with 114 photos. success? i’d say so. next on our to do list: pub golf. have you heard of it? i’m so excited i can barely contain myself. a pub crawl + costumes? sign me up!

if you’re lucky enough to do a pub crawl in galway, you’re lucky enough


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