saturday in galway

saturdays are such a good day of the week. not as quite as fabulous as sundays, but amazing nonetheless. today lucy, cori, bree, ella, and i went to the downtown galway farmers market.

i ate an amazing chocolate chip and orange cookie.

and then we went down and sat by the water and spent an hour or so chatting.

and we finished the afternoon with a little grocery shopping. now everyone who knows me is going to be absolutely shocked… but living in ireland and traveling through europe has made me love cooking. today i made stuffed bell peppers with couscous and spicy tomato sauce. i’ve made delicious fajitas. i’ve made pasta and vegetable dishes galore. and greek salads on a weekly basis.

friends, pick your jaws up off the floor. they always say traveling will change you. looks like it’s making lizzie turn into lizzie, chef extraordinaire.

if you’re lucky enough to learn to cook, you’re lucky enough


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