so ya had a bad day?

it’s only 1.35pm on thursday afternoon in galway and it’s already been a terrible day. do you mind if i vent a little? thanks.

to begin, i had an interview this morning which should be exciting. except that it wasn’t. the hotel was much further away than i thought and the weather was so misty. this left me with an expensive cab ride and frizzy hair. and then, my interviewer didn’t show up. he had an emergency meeting. working in a hotel for over a year, i know that things can go crazy wrong so i do understand. it was just a bummer. interview rescheduled for monday.

then i met my good friend kelly downtown to search for a job for her. we are both trying to stay in galway and work for the summer. after passing out two copies of her resume, we realized she had her american cell phone number on the resume. not her irish number. so we went into a hostel, paid to go online, edited her resume, and printed out new copies. unfortunately, they didn’t print in the correct format and her resume looked like a hot mess.

we were both pretty defeated so we decided to head back home, take a nap, and hopefully wake up to a much more glorious day.

but, i do have a few things to share that i’m so excited about.

1. i still cannot get over how much i love this beauty. she’s my brand new camera and i love her dearly. have you noticed how much more gorgeous ze blog photos have been lookin’ lately? i owe it all to her.

2. my lovely cousin karli posted a few new pictures of the family from over the holidays. and this photo of me and my grandpa just warmed my heart. you know that feeling when you get tingly inside and your heart feels squishy? that’s how i feel when i look at this picture because i love my grandpa and i love him even more when he is laughing.

3. and hello, i should be happy because i’ve had two interviews in galway. two! so i think it is officially time for me to take a nap, regroup, and go enjoy the rest of this day/night.

i’m realizing that this vacation i’ve been on, this mad infatuation with ireland, this everything is perfect train is slowly coming to an end. but what’s really exciting is that it’s becoming real life. i don’t plan to leave ireland any time soon. i’m hoping to find a job and stay for the summer. living in europe, living in ireland is my real life. life ain’t always a holiday, and i’m proud to call this real life.


if you’re lucky enough to have an interview in galway, you’re lucky enough


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