spain could easily solve world peace

and here is how:

1. if everyone would have flowers on their porches and windows, the sun would always shine.

2. if everyone would ride vespas and motorcycles, every street would be filled with smiles.

3. if buildings were this colorful everywhere, flowers would be more inclined to bloom.

4. if every city had a wall that allowed and embraced graffiti, creativity would bounce off of the soul of every person that walked by.

5. if street signs were this bright, everyone would find their way and no one would ever get lost.

that’s just my theory. maybe i found the brightness of spain so magical because it isn’t that way everywhere. maybe it’s so special because it’s rare? or maybe, i have found the solution to creating world peace…

if you’re lucky enough to find the solution for world peace, you’re lucky enough


2 thoughts on “spain could easily solve world peace

  1. That’s Seville. It’s pretty magical, even for us Spaniards. Magical and hot as fuck :) (and I’m from Toledo, a city where in summer it’s pretty normal to be 40ºC – that’s more than 100ºF).
    About street signs (I thought I gotta explain it LOL), the different colors mean different kinds of things, e.g., blue is for highways, white is for normal roads…

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