espana- dos

after our first fairly relaxing day in spain, lauren and i were ready for a little more structure. we planned out what we wanted to do and we woke up sunday morning ready to accomplish.

however, seville had other plans for us…

our first adventure was getting on the hop-on-hop-off bus. i’ve mentioned it before, but these bus tours are always one of my favorite experiences in new cities. and i bet i’d love ’em even in my familiar cities. (note to self: do a bus tour the next time you’re in san francisco and san diego).

we rode through the entire bus tour sitting on the top of the double decker, enjoying the sunshine and learning about our new favorite city seville. we got slightly confused as the bus pulled into the third stop– the same stop we started on– because we were told there were four stops. so we stayed on, expecting that we’d be taken to a new location. but, we weren’t. and so, lauren and i can now say that we have done the entire bus tour not once, but twice.

by the time we finally hopped off, we were both ravenous. but again, we had difficulty finding a place to eat. the restaurant we had scoped out the night prior wasn’t open for food yet. we managed to stumble upon an italian restaurant called mama mia were we both helped ourselves to a delicious meal of pasta. (side note: richard gere once ate at this very same restaurant too).

with our bellies full and our eyes once again ready to explore, we walked along the river. coming from a cold week in ireland, we were boggled to see a group of people laying by the river sun bathing, fishing, and relaxing. and so of course we had to join them. we both grabbed a bit of ice cream and layed in the grass by the river for an hour or two chatting and people watching.

we headed back to the hostel to change and get ready for a night of tapas, sangria and then a flamenco show. the day hadn’t gone as smoothly as we were expecting, so we were completely delighted when our first restaurant choice turned out to be a major success. we ate at a little place called catalina and ordered a total of four tapas. the food was to die for. we had a goats cheese and rasberry salad, a greek salad, a spinach crepe, and roasted eggplant. of course, topped off with a jug of sangria.

we allotted ourselves about 30 min to walk a few blocks to the flamenco show and we thought we knew where we were going. we left the restaurant at 9.00pm. the show started at 9.30pm. by about 9.40pm we gave up. we couldn’t find the place anywhere and we felt like we were walking further and further away from safety. so lauren and i both laughed and realized that this day just wasn’t going to cooperate and we headed back into the main city center.

we ended the night with another pitcher of sangria where we met an amazingly nice server. he gave us a free tapa of olives and beans, asked us questions about america, and taught us a bit of spanish.

through all the tiny missteps, lauren and i both went to bed happy. i truthfully think it’s just impossible to be grumpy or annoyed in a city as magical as seville.

if you’re lucky enough to remain happy when things don’t go right, you’re lucky enough


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