exciting news, exciting weather

the weather has been absolutely exquisite the past few days. wednesday was rough because i had college all day. i was in class from 11am-4pm without a break. which is always rough on its own, but add in the fact that i’m in a rainy rainy country that is GLOWING in sunshine and oww wee sitting inside was the last thing i wanted to do.

but thankfully, i do not have class on thursday or friday. so i spent the past two days laying out in the sun, reading, walking around the town, and best of all… taking PHOTOS.

the exciting news is… i got my new camera! i mentioned before that i was thinking about buying one. well i finally did it. and i’m having a blast. my roommie lucy is really into photography as well. and she has a gorgeous camera, so i know we’ll have a great time together snappin’ away.

here are a few photos from my squeaky, brand spankin’ new cam:

and tomorrow morning i’m off to dublin and kilkenny with our entire api group. but don’t you worry, i am going to continue to fill you in on my trip to spain.

if you’re lucky enough to love your camera, you’re lucky enough


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