espana- por una parte

spain spain spain. oh glorious spain. roommate lauren and i left for spain very very early on saturday morning. we left galway on a bus to dublin at 3.15am. ouch. and we landed in seville, spain around 11am.

we took a bus into the city centre and walked to our hostel from there. we stayed a charming little place called picasso hostel. it included free breakfast, a rooftop patio, and great service.

but we were exhausted. i slept a bit on the bus to dublin and a bit on the plane to seville. lauren barely slept at all. so we took our very first siesta.

after the much needed rest, we headed out to explore a bit. we tried to find food and actually had a hard time. the first place we found only served pastries. the second place was an irish pub. the third place wasn’t serving dinner yet. the fourth place was out of paella. but finally, the fifth place was a success. we ordered paella, sangria, and enjoyed the scenery and weather.

and then we just spent a few hours walking around the beautiful city. we took photos of architecture. we took photos of flowers. we took photos of water fountains. we took photos of each other. we took photos of food. we tried our hardest to take enough photos to capture the beauty that is sevilla, espana.

they say a first impression is everything. seville passed the test. my first impression of seville was extraordinary. the weather, the flowers, the trees, the oranges, the brightly colored buildings, and the scooters wooed me. i think i fell in love with spain in less than an hour.

if you’re lucky enough to visit seville, you’re lucky enough

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