st. patrick’s day in galway, ireland

i’m fairly certain that most of you with bucket lists have this (or will add this to) on your bucket list: be in ireland on st. patrick’s day. i am elated that i checked this off of mine.

the celebration actually began the night before st. paddy’s day, wednesday night. apparently, because thursday is a bank holiday, many of the responsible working folk celebrate their hardest on wednesday night seeing as they don’t need to wake up for work the following morning. i believe that many people unfortunately do have to go to work on friday mornings which is an utter shame.

wednesday was fun. the pubs were jam packed. the music was great. spirits were high. we spent most of the night at the dail bar, a pub that is quickly becoming our very favorite.

and then there was thursday. lauren, rachel, and i wore these fabulous DIY st. patrick’s day splatter paint t-shirts.

we met up with a bunch of friends early in the morning for pancakes, face paint, and a few drinks.

and we made our way to the parade downtown. the parade was much different than we were all expecting. it was very family oriented and we felt slightly out of place. but it was a great time nonetheless.

we then bounced our way along several different pubs. we must have gone to at least 6 different pubs.

i carried a green shamrock wand around all night and either made people laugh or hate me as i proceeded to knight everyone i met.

i’m also really pleased with the amount of new information i learned.

  1. shamrock and four leaf clover are NOT the same thing. not in the slightest. i am embarrassed to admit that i thought they were related. but really, the four leaf clover is a symbol of luck not associated with the irish. and the shamrock has three leaves representing the holy trinity.
  2. st. patrick was not irish? a few different guys argued over whether or not he was french or british. from a bit of googling, i believe he was born in britain. but that’s neither here nor there, he’s ireland’s patron saint and we love him just the same.

the day was great. definitely memorable. we began our celebration at 11.30am and finally crawled into bed a little after 1.00am. st. patrick’s day in ireland? success.

if you’re lucky enough to be in ireland for st. patrick’s day, you’re lucky enough


4 thoughts on “st. patrick’s day in galway, ireland

  1. I heard that Green was actually an unlucky color to wear because the fairies would come and take children that wore a lot of green. Did you notice a lack of people wearing green?

    • hmm… that is so interesting! i haven’t heard that before. people were definitely wearing green. even the irish folk. but now i’m going to ask around and see if that was/is true. i’ll let you know what i find out ; )


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