the sun’ll come out, tomorrow…

st. patrick’s day! tomorrow is st. patrick’s day!

i am bursting with joy as the streets of ireland are bustling and excited for the upcoming festivities. it’s also my lovely irish roommate elaine’s birthday tomorrow. her birthday is on st. patrick’s day!

she says she has a bad birthday every year because nobody remembers. but watch out elainers, because i remember. and i’m going to celebrate YOUR birthday tomorrow.

i have class until 5pm today, then i’m headed to dunnes to buy a big plain white t-shirt, green paint, green ribbon, and lots of beer. and then lauren, rachel, and i are doing a little DIY st. patrick’s day outfit making. i’ll be sure to post photos of our beautiful, crafty skills later.

and then we are celebrating tonight! and really celebrating tomorrow.

if you’re lucky enough to be in ireland for st. patrick’s day, you’re lucky enough


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