laugh in the face of it all

i feel like there have been many terrible, sad, sad events in the new lately. my heart honestly aches for the family and friends of austin bice. he was a student from my home university, san diego state, who died while studying abroad last week. it’s goose bump inducing that a young boy was found in the river right around the corner from my apartment here in galway. and it gives me knots in my belly when i watch the footage of japan, and know that so many lives were forever changed in just a moments time.

friday, as lauren and i made our way to an impromptu trip to dublin, i couldn’t help but think about the tsunami warnings in california. so i sent both my mom and dad a text message saying:

lizzie: making sure you’re alive and not planning a beach trip today!

my dad works in the heart of san francisco. i had crazy, outlandish thoughts of a tsunami smashing into the bridge as my dad drove across it. and i pictured my mom, a little bit more inland north of the city, being washed away in the same way that i saw japan crumble. but, they gave me little to worry about as they both sent back snicker inducing messages.

dad: i’m fishing off of bodega head. just kidding, hard at work. the tsunami doesn’t scare me!

mom: alive and well. pretty much a non-existent event by the time it traversed the pacific. as it happens, it is a GREAT day for the beach- goregous weather!

i do not for one second want to seem insensitive to the dire situations that are taking place all over the world right now. you better believe i’ve texted REDCROSS to 90999 and donated $10 to japan (and you should do the same!).

but it’s nice to remember that while we should help those who need it in all the ways that we can, we should still keep our humor. because a good laugh and a positive attitude is really all we’ve got at the end of the day.

thanks parents. i’m fairly certain you are both to blame for my sunny disposition and largely positive attitude. and boy am i grateful.

if you’re lucky enough to remain positive in dire times, you’re lucky enough




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